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Selected Publications (2004-2019)    * student or grade school teacher

Please see my Google Scholar page for a current, complete list.

McKinnon, J.S, Kitano, J. and N. Aubin-Horth 2019 In press. Gasterosteus, Anolis, Mus and more: the changing roles of vertebrate models in evolution and behavior. Evolutionary Ecology Research.  

Stuckert*, A.M.M., Drury*, S., Anderson*, C.M., Bowling*, T.B.T., and J.S. McKinnon 2019 . Evolution and assessment of colour patterns in stream-resident and anadromous male threespine stickleback from three regions. Journal of Fish Biology, 94: 520-525. 

Yong, L., B. Lee*, J.S. McKinnon 2018. Variation in female aggression in 2 three-spined stickleback populations with female throat and spine coloration. Current Zoology, 2018, 1–6, doi: 10.1093/cz/zoy020. 

Wright, D.S., L. Yong, M.E. Pierotti, and J.S. McKinnon 2016. Relationships between male red throat coloration, pelvic spine coloration, and courtship behaviors in threespine stickleback. Evolutionary Ecology Research 17: 407-418. 

Yong, L., C.L Peichel and J.S. McKinnon 2016. Genetic architecture of conspicuous red ornaments in female threespine stickleback. Genes, Genomes, Genetics 6: 579-588. 

Yong, L., B, Woodall*, M.E.R. Pierotti, and J.S. McKinnon 2015. Intrasexual competition and ornament evolution in female threespine sticklebacks. Behavioral Ecology 26: 1030-1038. 

Wright, D.S., M.E. Pierotti, H. Rundle and J.S. McKinnon 2015. Conspicuous female ornamentation and male mate preference in threespine sticklebacks (Gasterosteus aculeatus). Public Library of Science One 10(3): e0120723.

McKinnon, J.S. and M. Servedio 2013. Novelty makes the heart grow fonder. Nature (News and Views). 503: 44-45.


Yong*, L., Guo*, R., Wright*, D.S., Mears*, S., Pierotti, M. and J.S. McKinnon 2013. Correlates of red throat coloration in female sticklebacks and their potential evolutionary significance. Evolutionary Ecology Research 15: 453-472.


Herder, F., U.K. Schliewen, M. F. Geiger, R. K. Hadiaty, S. Gray*, J.S. McKinnon, R. Walter and J. Pfaender 2012. Invasion of an alien into Wallace's Dreampond: records of the hybridogenic "flowerhorn" cichlid in Lake Matano, with an annotated checklist of fish species introduced to the Malili Lakes system in Central Sulawesi. Aquatic Invasions 7: 521-535.


McKinnon, J.S., N. Hamele*, N. Frey*, J. Chou*, A. McAleavey*, J. Greene*, and W. Paulson* 2012. Male choice in the stream-anadromous stickleback complex. PLOS One 7: e37951.


McKinnon, J.S. and E.B. Taylor 2012. Species choked and blended. Nature (News & Views) 482: 313-314. (Interview on Nature podcast:


Pauers*, M.J., and J.S. McKinnon 2012. Sexual selection on color and behavior within and between cichlid populations: implications for speciation. Current Zoology 58: 475-483.


McKinnon, J.S. and M. Pierotti 2010. Color polymorphism and correlated characters: genetic mechanisms and evolution. Molecular Ecology 19: 5101-5125.


Pauers*, M.J., T.J. Ehlinger and J.S. McKinnon 2010. Female and male visually based mate preferences are consistent with reproductive isolation between populations of the Lake Malawi endemic Labeotropheus fuelleborni. Current Zoology 56: 65-72.


Kuzoff, R., S.B. Kemmeter*, J.S. McKinnon and C.P. Thompson* 2009. Phylogenetic Analysis: How old are the parts of your body? Evolution: Education and Outreach 2: 405-414.


Gray*, S.M., L.M. Dill, F.Y. Tantu, E.R. Loew and J.S. McKinnon 2008. Environment contingent sexual selection in a colour polymorphic fish. Proceedings of the Royal Society B 275: 1785-91.


Gray*, S.M., J.S. McKinnon, F.Y. Tantu and L.M. Dill 2008. "Sneaky eating" in Telmatherina sarasinorum, an endemic fish from Lake Matano, Sulawesi. Journal of Fish Biology 73:728-731. (featured as research highlight by Nature Aug. 14, 2008).


Chunco*, A., J.S. McKinnon and M. Servedio 2007. Microhabitat variation and sexual selection can maintain male color polymorphisms. Evolution 61:2504-2515.


Gray*, S.M. and J.S. McKinnon (corresponding author) 2007. Linking color polymorphism maintenance and speciation. Trends in Ecology and Evolution 22:71-79.


Gray*, S.M., L.M. Dill and J.S. McKinnon 2007. Cuckoldry incites cannibalism: male fish turn to cannibalism when perceived certainty of paternity decreases. American Naturalist 169:258-263.


Gray*, S.M. and J.S. McKinnon 2006. A comparative description of mating behaviour in the endemic telmatherinid fishes of Sulawesi's Malili Lakes. Environmental Biology of Fishes 75:471-482.


Pauers*, M.J., J.S. McKinnon and T.J. Ehlinger 2004. Directional sexual selection on chroma and within-pattern colour contrast in Labeotropheus fuelleborni. Proceedings of the Royal Society B (Suppl.--Biology Letters), 271:S444-S447.


McKinnon, J.S., S. Mori, B. Blackman*, L. David, D. Kingsley, L. Jamieson**, J. Chou**and D. Schluter 2004. Evidence for ecology's role in speciation. Nature 429:294-298.(listed as one of 15 "evolutionary gems" by Nature in Jan. 2009; preliminary results featured in 1999 Science Magazine news article).


Schluter, D., E.A. Clifford*, M. Nemethy** and J.S. McKinnon 2004. Parallel evolution and inheritance of quantitative traits. American Naturalist 163:809-822. (featured in TREE update: Foster and Baker 2004).

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